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Since my photographic interests mainly focused on nature photography, a lot has changed in my approach and goals that I would like to achieve in this area. The way I have presented my photos and the range evolved as well. My website became a kind of a diary of my meetings with nature and visited places. There are not only perfect, flawless pictures, although you can find some on my site. There are also many documentary images that I hope will change over time into galleries, which will present the species fully and in adequate manner. The most important for me is to show the whole beauty and diversity of the world of nature in the full meaning of these words.tomkalfoto.pl Of course, as far as possible and under favorable conditions my galleries will be modified and improved continuously but that is not so crucial. The desire to deal with new species will probably be stronger than the need to make images up and to develop a presentation of some species to perfection. Anyway on my website I prefer showing animals in their natural environment rather than presenting the unique "anatomic" close-up, no matter how perfect would it be. As for myself I am happy to go back to the gallery which besides interesting, dynamic photos contains an exciting story of shooting or curious details related to the species. Recording the sounds of the animal is complementing to all. It enables returning to the fascinating moments of communing with nature and sharing these emotions with others who  perceive the beauty of this world alike. Getting back from time to time to look over these pictures accompanied by the recorded sound gives an amazing experience, satisfaction and energy to continue work on the galleries. I often view beautiful images on other  websites, which are the source of my inspiration and knowledge, by my website I repay for this and make available to others my photographic and phonographic works. When shooting I had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting, extraordinary people I have common interest and passion with. Time we spent together has resulted in many galleries. Without the cooperation with them, their knowledge and orientation in the area I would not be able to take most of the images published on my website, and thus to show you i.a. over 1.500 species of birds. I want to say - thank you...

All those fascinated by the exceptional beauty and a wealth of the natural world I INVITE to an online trip to the World of Nature and more...

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Tomasz   Kaliszewski