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TANZANIA- j.angielski

TANZANIA XII/17’- introductory text- Kori Bustard.

1. Kori Bustard (T). 2. Secretary-bird (T). 3. Rüppell's Vulture (T). 4. Red-billed Firefinch (V). 5. Yellow-necked Spurfowl (T). 6. White-bellied Bustard (V). 7. Blue-capped Cordonbleu. 8. Von der Decken's Hornbill (V). 9. Eastern Double-collared Sunbird (T,V) 10. Yellow-collared Lovebird (T,V). 11.Lappet-faced Vulture (T). 12. Superb Starling. 13. Pallid Harrier (T). 14.Silvery-cheeked Hornbill. 15.Crowned Lapwing (V). 16.White-necked Raven (T). 17.Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse (T).18.Double-banded Courser. 19.Gray-headed Silverbill. 20.Cape Teal. 21.Augur Buzzard. 22.Marabou Stork (T). 23.Red-and-yellow Barbet. 24.Red-necked Francolin (T). 25.Cape Robin-Chat (T,V ). 26.Yellow-billed Oxpecker. 27.Greater Flamingo (T). 28.Lesser Flamingo(T,V ) 29.Tawny Eagle. 30.Southern Ground-Hornbill. 31.Yellow-bellied Waxbill (V). 32.White-headed Buffalo-Weaver(V). 33.Hildebrandt's Starling (V). 34.Nubian Woodpecker. 35.Capped Wheatear. 36.African Spoonbill. 37.White-browed Sparrow-Weaver (V). 38.African Silverbill. 39.Verreaux's Eagle-Owl. 40.Rufous-crowned Roller. 41.Fischer's Sparrow-Lark. 42.Gray-breasted Francolin (T,V). 43.Hildebrandt's Francolin (T). 44.Yellow-throated Sandgrouse (T). 45.Golden-winged Sunbird (T,V). 46.Northern Red-billed Hornbill (V). 47.Black-breasted Snake-Eagle. 48.African Gray Hornbill. 49. Pied Crow (V). 50.Kenya Rufous Sparrow. 51.Collared Pratincole. 52.Purple Grenadier. 53.Senegal Lapwing. 54.Usambiro Barbet (V). 55. Bronze Sunbird. 56.Coqui Francolin (T). 57.White-browed Robin-Chat (V). 58.Three-banded Courser. 59. Gray-headed Social-Weaver. 60.Hooded Vulture (T). 61. Rufous-tailed Weaver (V). 62.Pygmy Falcon. 63.White-browed Coucal. 64.White-throated Bee-eater. 65.Handsome Francolin (T). 66.Long-toed Lapwing. 67. Fischer's Lovebird  (T,V) 68.Speckle-fronted Weaver. 69.Slender-tailed Nightjar (T). 70.Rosy-throated Longclaw. 71.Buff-crested Bustard. 72.Grey-headed Kingfisher. 73.Brown-backed Woodpecker(T). 74.Black-faced Sandgrouse (T). 75.Spotted Morning-Thrush. 76. Green-winged Pytilia. 77.Common Waxbill. 78.Heuglin's white-eye (T). 79.Red-fronted Barbet. 80.Red-cheeked Cordonbleu. 81. Namaqua Dove. 82. Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater. 83.Montagu's Harrier (T). 84.Schalow's Turaco (V). 85.White-rumped Shrike. 86.Garden Bulbul (V). 87.Streaky Seedeater (T). 88. Dark Chanting-Goshawk. 89. Ashy Starling. 90.Thick-billed Seedeater. 91.Gray-backed Fiscal (V). 92. Magpie Shrike (V). 93.Rueppell's Starling. 94. Gull-billed Tern. 95. Mourning Collared-Dove. 96.African Pipit. 97.White-bellied Go-away-bird (V). 98.Mariqua Sunbird. 99. Short-tailed Lark. 100.Black-bellied Bustard (V). 101. Cinnamon Bracken-Warbler (T,V).102. Dusky Turtle-Dove. 103.Beautiful Sunbird. 104. Abyssinian Scimitar-bill. 105. Blue-naped Mousebird. 106.Martial Eagle (T). 107.Black Crake. 108. Pink-backed Pelican. 109. Red-capped Lark. 110. Lesser Masked-Weaver. 111.Baglafecht Weaver. 112.Knob-billed Duck. 113.Ovampo Sparrowhawk. 114.Rufous-naped lark (V). 115.Winding Cisticola (V). 116. Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver. 117.Ethiopian Boubou (T). 118.White-breasted Cormorant. 119.Little Sparrowhawk.120.Red-collared Widowbird. 121.Grey-hooded Gull. 122.Great Spotted Cuckaoo. 123.Silverbird. 124.Gray Kestrel. 125.Hottentot Teal. 126.Black-lored Babbler. 127.Vitelline Masked-Weaver. 128. Black-necked Weaver. 129.Chestnut Sparrow.130.Schalow's Wheatear. 131.Mountain Thrush (T). 132.Eastern Chanting-Goshawk (V). 133.Mountain-Greenbul (T). 134.Ashy Flycatcher. 135.White-eyed Slaty-Flycatcher. 136.Abdim's Stork. 137.Long-tailed Fiscal. 138.African Dusky Flycatcher.  139.Tanzanian Red-billed Hornbill. 140.Lilac-breasted Roller.141.Arrow-marked Babbler.
1. African savanna elephant (T). 2. Leopard (T). 3.Lion (T). 4.Yellow baboon (V). 5.Black-backed jackal. 6.Cheetah(T). 7.Spotted hyena(V). 8.Grant's zebra (V). 9.Kirk's dik-dik10. Hartebeest. 11.Common hippopotamus (V).12.Common eland. 13.Blue wildebeest. 14. Blue monkey. 15.Bush hyrax. 16. Bat-eared fox. 17. Grant's gazelle. 18.Bohor reedbuck. 19.Sassaby.  20.African golden wolf. 21.Common dwarf mongoose. 22.Bushy-tailed Mongoose. 23.Thomson's gazelle. 24.Klipspringer. 25.Egyptian mongoose.
1. Nile monitor. 2. Mwanza flat-headed rock.  3. Southern Long Tailed Lizard.  
1. White-b
acked Vulture (V). 2.Long-crested Eagle (V). 3. Black-headed Heron. 4.Red-billed Oxpecker (T). 5. Helmeted Guineafowl (T,V). 6. Little Bee-eater. 7. Blacksmith Lapwing. 8. African Jacana.  9.African Paradise-Flycatcher (V). 10. Yellow-billed Kite (T). 11.Palm-nut Vulture. 12.Spur-winged Goose. 13. Bateleur.14. Little Egret (V). 15. Brown Snake-Eagle. 16.Glossy Ibis (T). 17.Brown-crowned Tchagra. 18. Chinspot Batis. 19. African Hoopoe (T,V) 20.Spotted Thick-knee. 21. Sacred Ibis. 22. Black-winged Lapwing. 23.Water Thick-knee. 24. Gray Crowned-Crane. 25. Red-billed Quelea.26. Fork-tailed Drongo.27. Speckled Pigeon. 28.Wahlberg's Eagle.  29.Three-banded Plover. 30. Kittlitz's plover. 31.Wattled Lapwing. 32.Steppe Eagle. 33.Grosbeak Weaver. 34.Yellow-fronted Canary. 35. Squacco Heron. 36.Goliath Heron. 37.European Roller. 38. Cattle Egret. 39. Yellow-billed Stork. 40.Woodland Kingfisher. 41.Lesser Striped-Swallow.42. Great White Pelican. 43. Speckled Mousebird. 44.Red-winged Starling (V). 45.Red-rumped Swallow (V).46. Pied Avocet. 47.African Stonechat. 48.Ring-necked Dove. 49.Hamerkop (V). 50. White Stork (T). 51.African Openbill. 52.Black-winged Stilt. 53. Striped Kingfisher. 54. Pin-tailed Whydah. 55. Southern Fiscal. 56.Black-crowned Night Heron. 57.Black-winged Kite. 58.African Firefinch. 59.Marsh Sandpiper. 60.Laughing Dove. 61.Red-billed Teal. 62.Crested Francolin (T) 63.White-browed Scrub Robin. 64.Striated Heron. 65.White-faced Whistling Duck.  66. Spur-winged lapwing (T,V). 67.Eastern imperial eagle. 68.Common Ostrich.69.Lesser Spotted Eagle.
MAMMALS: 1. African buffalo. 2. Northern giraffe. 3. Common warthog. 4.Impala. 5. Waterbuck.6.Banded mongoose.
REPTILES:1. Nile crocodile. 2. Flap-necked chameleon. 3. Leopard tortoise.

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Thomson's gazelle
Thomson's gazelle
Thomson's gazelle
Thomson's gazelle
Thomson's gazelle