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One could say that we were lucky this time. In Thailand only one representative of the stork family - the Asian openbill - was photographed. When I was back from other trips I could not widen a group of the representatives of this family on my website. In South Africa, we managed to photograph the yellow-billed stork, the African openbill and the woolly-necked stork. So I have three more representatives of storks. Of course with varying degrees of success  in terms of photographic effect. The easiest to take and for a longer time  that I had the pleasure to photograph was a yellow-billed stork, several times a woolly-necked stork and once for a short moment an African openbill. The quality of photos is directly proportional to the number of my observations. This text is common to these three species.
Last minute news -12/2018 Sri Lanka

RPA -język angielski

Republic of South Africa - introductory text - Livingstone's turaco
Birds-new galleries:
1.Livingstone's turaco(T,V),2.Red-billed oxpecker(T,V).3.Long-tailed widowbird (T,V),4.Cape Glossy-Starling.5.Grosbeak Weaver (T,V).6.Trumpeter Hornbill (T,V),7.Fork-tailed Drongo.8.Rufous-chested Swallow (T).9.Reed Cormorant.10. Burchell's Coucal (T,V).11.Water Thick-knee (T).12.Spotted Thick-knee (T).13.African Swamphen.14. Great White Pelican.15.African Pied Wagtail (T,V).16.Crested Guineafowl (V).17.Three-banded Plover (T).18.White-fronted Plover (T).19.Pin-tailed Whydah.20.Southern Red Bishop (T,V).21.Tawny-flanked Prinia.22.Forest Weaver (T).23.Cape Weaver (T).24.Bald ibis (T). 25.African Fish Eagle,26.Dark-capped Bulbul,27.Sombre Greenbul,28.African Pied Starling,29.Black-bellied Glossy-Starling,30.Woolly-necked Stork (T).31.Blacksmith Lapwing,32.Black-headed Heron,33.Goliath Heron (T),34.Red-winged Starling,35.Yellow-billed Stork (T).36.Blue Bustard (T).37.White-faced Whistling Duck,38.Perrin's Bushshrike (V),39.Natal Francolin (T),40.Speckled Pigeon,41.Lesser Striped-Swallow, 42.Greater Striped-Swallow(V),43.Yellow-billed Duck,44.Yellow-billed Kite,45.South African Shelduck (V),46.African Stonechat,47.Cape Canary,48.Black Cuckooshrike,49.Grey Crowned-Crane (T),50.Blue Crane (T),51.Crowned Hornbill (T),52.Wahlberg's Eagle,53. Palm-nut Vulture,54.Pied Kingfisher,55.Hamerkop,56.Orange River white-eye,57.Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove,58.Southern Black-Flycatcher,59.Malachite Sunbird,60.Black-backed Puffback,61.African Golden-Weaver,62.African Jacana (V),63.African harrier-hawk.64.African Firefinch,65.Crested Barbet,66.Wailing Cisticola,67.Brown-crowned Tchagra,68.Black-winged Lapwing,69.Wattled Lapwing,70.Black Heron,71.Red-faced Mousebird,72.Speckled Mousebird,73. African Hoopoe,74.Bokmakierie Bushshrike,75.Crested Francolin (T),76.Brown Snake-Eagle,77.Spur-winged Goose,78.Gray Go-away-bird, 79.Sacred Ibis(T,V),80.Wire-tailed Swallow,81.Rufous-necked Wryneck,82.Brown-hooded Kingfisher,83.Woodland Kingfisher,84.Striped Kingfisher,85.Red-knobbed Coot,86.Blue-cheeked Bee-eater(T),87.Little Bee-eater (T),88.African Darter,89.Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill (T,V),90.Kittlitz's plover (T),91.Caspian Tern,92.White-backed Vulture,93.Red-billed Teal, 94.Purple-crested Turaco (V),95.Red-billed Quelea,96.African Yellow White-eye,97.Black-collared Barbet,98.Mocking Cliff-Chat,99.Southern Anteater-Chat,100.African Paradise-Flycatcher,101.Ring-necked Dove,102.Golden-breasted Bunting,103.Yellow-crowned Bishop,104.Yellow-throated Petronia, 105.Yellow-bellied Greenbul,106.Rattling Cisticola (V).107.White-throated Swallow.108.Red-eyed Dove.109.White-eared Barbet. 110. Plain Martin,111.Banded Martin,112.Red-backed Scrub-Robin (V),113.Southern Fiscal,114.Gray-winged Francolin (T),115.Acacia Pied Barbet,116.Glossy Ibis (T),117.Buff-streaked Bushchat,118.African Openbill (T),119.Chinspot Batis,120. Bateleur (T),121.Dideric Cuckoo,122.Yellow-fronted Canary,123.Malachite Kingfisher,124.Scarlet-chested Sunbird,125.Orange-throated Longclaw,126.Yellow-throated Longclaw,127.African Green-Pigeon,128.Cape Bunting,129.Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird,130.Variable Indigobird,131.Fan-tailed Widowbird,132.Orange Weaver,133.Long-crested Eagle,134.Cape Crow (V),135.Southern Gray-headed Sparrow,136.Cape Sparrow,137. Helmed Guineafowl.138.Green-backed Camaroptera.139.Violet-backed Starling.140 Black-bellied Glossy-Starling.
MAMMALS NEW GALLERIES: 1.Northern giraffe.2.Mountain zebra.3.Nyala.4.White rhinoceros.5.Chacma baboon.6.African Buffalo.7.Wildebeests.8.Common warthog.9.Waterbuck.10. Bushbuck.11.Vervet monkey.12.Egyptian mongoose.13.Impala.
REPTILIES - NEV GALLERIES: 1.Nile crocodile.2.Leopard tortoise.3.Serrated Hinged Terrapin.4.Flap-necked chameleon.
INSECT : 1. Elegant Grasshopper. 2.Plum dung beetle, and changes in the gallery of butterflies, odonata and other insects.
CHANGES IN BIRDS GALLERIES : 1.European roller (T).2 Black-winged kite.3.Amur falcon (T).4.Egyptian goose(T).5.Red-backed shrike (T).6.Hadeda ibis (T).7.Llittle egret.8.Cattle egret.9.Barn swallow.10.Squacco heron.11.Zitting cisticola (T).12.Common moorhen.13. Steppe buzzard (T).14.Sanderling (T ).15.Purple heron.16.European Bee-eater.17.Common tern. 18.Laughing Dove.19.White stork.
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Sri Lanka - SPIS Jezyk ANGIELSKI

Junglefowl- introductory text from the expedition to Sri Lanka.
Newly created galleries:

1.Sri Lanka Junglefowl (T,V). 2.Ceylon Magpie (V). 3.Barn Owl (T). 4.Indian Peafowl (T,V). 5.Spot-winged Thrush. 6.Sri Lanka White-eye 7.Ceylon Grey-Hornbill (V). 8.Brown Fish Owl (T). 9.Great Thick-knee(V). 10.Sri Lanka Spurfowl (V) 11.White-bellied Sea-Eagle (T).12.Green-billed Coucal.  13.Sri Lanka Hanging-Parrot (T). 14.Jungle Owlet (T,V). 15.Tricolored Munia (V). 16. White-breasted Waterhen(V). 17.Greater Coucal(V). 18.Crested Hawk-Eagle (V). 19.Serendib Scops-Owl. 20. Ceylon Frogmouth. 21.Painted Stork. 22.Indian Pond Heron. 23.Spot-billed Pelican. 24.White-browed Fantail. 25.Yellow-browed Bulbul. 26.Black Bulbul(V). 27.Alexandrine Parakeet(V). 28.Orange-billed Babbler(V). 29.Sri Lanka Green-Pigeon. 30.Tickell's Blue-Flycatcher. 31.Red-faced Malkoha. 32.Oriental Darter. 33.Crimson-backed Flameback. 34.Red-vented Bulbul. 35.Crimson-backed Flameback.36.Brown-capped Babbler. 37.Indian Scops-Owl. 38.Yellow-eared Bulbul (V). 39.Ashy-headed Laughingthrush. 40.Sri Lanka Drongo. 41. Chestnut-backed Owlet. 42.Chestnut-headed Bee-eater. 43.Layard's Parakeet. 44.Jerdon's Leafbird. 45.White-bellied Drongo. 46.Asian Paradise-Flycatcher. 47.Cinnamon Bittern. 48.Rosy Starling. 49.Brown-headed Barbet. 50.Pin-tailed Snipe. 51.Jerdon's Bushlark. 52.Malabar Pied-Hornbill. 53.Stork-billed Kingfisher. 54.Sri Lanka Woodshrike. 55.White-rumped Munia. 56.Black-headed Ibis. 57.Plain Prinia. 58.Yellow-billed Babbler. 59.Pied Cuckoo. 60.Brown Wood-Owl. 61.Kashmir Flycatcher. 62.Yellow-wattled Lapwing. 63.Sri Lanka Swallow. 64.Little Swift. 65.Malabar Trogon(T). 66.Indian Thick-knee. 67.Long-billed Sunbird. 68.Forest Wagtail. 69.Sri Lanka Wood-Pigeon(T). 70.Indian Robin. 71.Whiskered Tern. 72.Asian Koel. 73.Shikra. 74.Indian Pita. 75.Ashy Prinia. 76.Indian Cormorant. 78.Ashy-crowned Sparrow-Lark. 79.Orange-breasted Pigeon. 80. Gray-bellied Cuckoo. 81. Small Pratincole. 82.Dark-fronted Babbler. 83. Brown-breasted Flycatcher. 84.Yellow-fronted Barbet. 85.Purple-rumped Sunbird. 86.Barred Buttonquail. 87.Green Imperial Pigeon. 88.Clamorous Reed Warbler. 89.Jungle Prinia. 90.Common Iora. 91.Lesser Yellownape.  92.Purple Sunbird. 93.Crested Serpent Eagle. 94.Crested Honey Buzzard.95.Grey-headed Swamphen (T).
1.Sri Lankan elephant. 2.Chital. 3.Indian hare. 4.Tufted Gray Langur. 5.Toque macaque. 6.Indian palm squirrel (V). 7.Grizzled giant squirrel. 8.Yellow-striped chevrotain.9.Wild water buffalo. 10.Ruddy mongoose. 11. Golden jackal.
1.Sri Lankan kangaroo lizard. 2.Green forest lizard. 3. Saltwater crocodile. 4.Sri Lanka Agama. 5.Sri Lankan pit viper(T). 6.Bengal monitor. 7.Asian water monitor. 8. Indian rat snake.
Changes in galleries:

1.Purple Heron. 2.Red-wattled Lapwing (V), 3.Rose-ringed Parakeet (V), 4.Oriental Magpie-Robin (V). 5.Black-hooded Oriole(V), 6 Brahminy Kite. 7.Blue-tailed Bee-eater(T). 8.Flame Minivet. 9.Spotted Dove(V). 10.Emerald-Dove. 11.Common Myna. 12.Asian Openbill. 13.Pied Kingfisher. 14.Brown Shrike. 15.Nutmeg Mannikin. 16.White-throated Kingfisher. 17.Pheasant-tailed Jacana. 18.Lesser Whistling-Duck. 19. Great Egret. 20.Intermediate Egret. 21.Indian Roller. 22.Eurasian Spoonbill. 23.Yellow Bittern. 24.Common Tailorbird. 25.Grey-headed Canary-Flycatcher. 26.Ashy Woodswallow. 27.Coppersmith Barbet. 28.Little Egret. 29.Common Kingfisher. 30.House Sparrow(T). 31.Woolly-necked Stork. 32.Barn Swallow. 33.Richard's Pipit. 34.Common Redshank. 35.Marsh Sandpiper. 36.Little Stint. 37.Black-crowned Night Heron. 38.Caspian Tern. 39.Little Green Bee-eater(T). 40.Zitting Cisticola. 41.Grey heron.42.Little Cormorant. 43.Black-capped Bulbul. 44.Large-billed Crow(V). 45.Pied Bushchat 46.Gray-breasted Prinia.47.Baya Weaver.
MAMMALS:Indian flying fox (V).
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Ciconia episcopus
Ciconia episcopus
Ciconia episcopus
Ciconia episcopus
Ciconia episcopus
Ciconia episcopus